Monday, March 21, 2011

30 Days

As part of my shot list this semester I had to do a photographic essay on a person of my choice, at first I wanted to do it on someone who lived in Canberra and was suffering with cystic fibrosis. I wanted to share their story because I also suffer from this chronic disease. But when the time can down to it I found myself thinking who better to share this story then myself.

To be honest not many people know that I am sick, and it's not just the CF I have also had a liver transplant almost 10 years ago and as a result of that I gained diabetes. I do not like to think of myself as a sick person because if I did that is a reality I couldn't face. So I put it to one side and I talk about it in facts as if it's not happening to me. I never let people see the real me because I am not that sick person. But it has come to a point in my life where I can go on not further with this pretence, because I am pretending even to myself. Yes I am not that sick person, but I do have things wrong with me and I need to work on those things if I am ever going to have a chance to live out my dreams.

So the photo essay has become about me. It will centre around me for 30 days, I will document every time I take a tablet, go to the doctor, have a nasal wash out ect. I will then select the 10 best photos from each day and this will become my work! I will shot it all in black and white because I want the photos to have the same look and I feel it brings truth to the photos in a way that colour can't. Also I will be uploading everything onto the blog, (every night hopefully). And I will also be writing about the journey, this is in a way so that you can understand more about what my life is like. So I say Good Luck to myself!

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