Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1 21/03/2011


9:00am -Ventolin

9:02am - Pepmask 10x10
- Finish time 9:22am
Setback 1# I find out this morning that me Eflow rapid neb doesn't work!! I think it might be something to do with the plug. So I am going to try with double AA batts tonight. I usually have the neb before the pepmask so that it opens up the airways.

9:30am - Blood sugar level=15.7
*Normal blood sugar is between 4-8 REMEMBER! Also don't lick your fingers before taking it and try washing you hands before you do it to!

9:33am - Insulin 40 Units
*Will see if this is enough insulin? I have been flying blind for a long time.

9:40am - Morning tablets
*Had tablets with Diet Coke! Maybe need to think about fixing my diet sometime! But at this point I don't think that I could handle doing all this and not having my fix of DC!

10:27am - Nasal wash out

Already sick of this, I want out! I WANT OUT!
All finished for the morning OMG! I feel really tired, and here I thought that taking my meds would make me feel much better?

Set Back 2# Forgot that I don't actually have all my meds! Oops! Time for a trip to the friendly chemist.

11:10am - Creon
*I have to take this medication every time I eat something! Well not everything, not fruit so over this month I am going to be eating alot of fruit! So I guess that I am working on my diet in a way!

12:44pm - Creon

1:22pm - Blood sugar level = 20.8
*note that I have just had lunch 20min ago.
But this has gone up alot, and I have to be more mind full of what I'm eating. Need to see the diabetes doctor soon, book appt!

1:30pm - Lunchtime tablets

2:30pm - Creon
*Eating more poptarts! NOT GOOD!

My flatmate Em has been watching me all day and she said that when I t
ake all my meds it's like having a fulltime job. And she is so right.

"When the person is healthy, the symptoms disappear."
"You cannot defeat death..... But you can defeat your fear of death."
-Shi Dejian

8:14pm - Blood sugar level = 24.4
*Still not good, tomorrow I am upping my insulin by 10 units.

8:15pm - Insulin
*Giving 30 units, which is 10 more then usual.

9:15 - Creon and dinnertime tablets

10:17pm - Neb
*AA batts worked, but called mum about how the plug doesn't work.
**Mother is on the CF association in Canberra.

10:29pm - Pepmask
- Finish time 10:41pm

10:43pm - Nasal wash out

10:50 - Bedtime tablets and Movicol


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