Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 11 31/03/2011


This year it will be 10 years since I had my liver transplant. I was diagnosed with liver disease at the age of five and it was due to the CF that this problem occurred. 3% of all people with CF have liver disease and then not all of them go on to have transplants. I was the lucky 3 I always say. So as I said I was diagnosed at five years old. Then from there I went onto have a work up to see if I could be put onto the transplant list at the age of six. But at that time the doctors felt that I would not survive the transplant as they had never done a CF at that hospital and again at that time only 75% of people were surviving. So the doctors told me that as my case wasn't so bad yet I could go on living but if my results went down they would have to re-look at transplantation.

So life went on with out a transplant and it was hard! I looked like I was born out of poverty in Africa, and my brother used to call me the Rwandan child. This was because my belly was so big and filled with fluid, but the rest of my body was so skinny. When I got to high school some of the kids thought that I had anorexia because I had to wear clothes so much bigger then me because of the belly, but they also looked lost on my frame. I was yellow looking, with my skin and eyes turning that tinge. This is called jaundice and is caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. I also had an enlarged spleen, spider veins and varcus veins, which all meant I could do the things I really wanted to which was touch football and gymnastics because if I hut myself I might cause a bleed that no one could stop. It also meant no yelling because the veins could burst and if you have ever met me or my family that is not an easy feet!
Oh and I just wanted to wear normal pants and dresses like the other girls! Basically I wanted to be normal!

*More on this story tomorrow! Enjoy the photo of my scar!

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