Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 2 22/03/2011


So before I start I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has looked at the blog! I feel honored that so many people are touched by what I am exploring here.

8:40am - Neb (with just saline water)
*Have to remember to clean everything everyday. And have a big old boil up every weekend! More time out of the day, just what I need right now!

8:56am - Pepmask 10x10
-finish time 9:13am
9:15am - Blood sugar level = 8.7
*Much better!! Still want to get it down more.

9:18am - Insulin 44 units
*I am not going to put it up by 10 units like I said yesterday. This is because blood sugar was good this morning and I don't want another hypo

Set Back 3# I had a hypo in the middle of the night. I didn't take any tablets (creon) when I ate and I didn't take any photos. This is because I have to get food in quick and it is so scary having one of them. Also didn't take a blood sugar so i didn't find out how low it got.

9:27am - Morning tablets & creon
10:15am - Nasal wash out

10:22am - Creon

2:00pm - Blood sugar level = 15.1
*This was taken after I had lunch! Also had some ice-cream! Maybe should be taking this before I eat!
2:05pm - Lunchtime tablets

4:20pm - Creon

7:35pm - Creon

7:36pm - Blood sugar level = 17.9
*This is really not great! I'm not getting enough coverage throughout the day, especially towards the night!

7:50pm - Dinnertime tablets
*And as always creon!
7:55pm - Insulin
*Not going to lie I almost forgot to give it. Also I think I
am going to start trying to give this earlier in the evening, maybe around 5pm! see how it goes?

9:30pm - Neb

9:40pm - Pepmask 10x10
-finish time 10:07pm

10:40pm - Nasal wash out

10:43pm - Nighttime tablets & movicol

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