Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 3 23/03/2011


Morning sunshine!
Today is going to be alot harder, because I have class and other things today. I find it so much easier to follow through with all my meds when I have a relaxed day, because I can do things in my own time and they aren't rushed! When I get stressed it is the worst because I just stop altogether, cause I can handle it all. And I hate getting up so much earlier just to fit it in!

7:40am - Neb
*I use saline water in my neb. It helps to open up the air ways before you use the pepmask, and it also helps thin out mucus on the lungs.
7:52am - Pepmask 10x10
-finish time 8:13am
*I didn't really put in alot of effort with the pep this morning. When you use the pep you are supposed to breath in the breath out for 4 long seconds. Today it wa
s more like 4 quick seconds. The pepmask is one of my most HATED treatments, because it takes a long time and you have to concentrate.

9:05am - Nasal wash out
*This will shock you but one of the key ingredient in the nasal wash out is baby shampoo! Tell you more about that later!

Set Back 4# I didn't have any test strips for my blood sugar monitor thi
s morning. After not having taken my meds for so long it's like I just used the last of everything and then never replaced it! Another trip to the chemist!

9:20am - Insulin 46 units
*As I couldn't test my blood sugar this morning I am flying blind with how much to give. But having had diabetes for 10 years it's not that blind, you just look back at what your results are then adjust accordingly.

9:25am - Avamys nasal spray

9:34am - Morning tablets & creon

Set Back 5# I forgot that I should also be taking a nasal spray after the nasal wash out in the morning. Yes people there are alot of things that go into my nose! After having 7 operations on my nose it needs a lot of work.

10:15am - Creon

1:20pm - Blood sugar level =6.6

1:22pm - Lunchtime tablets & creon

5:17pm - Creon

6:07pm - Creon

7:13pm - Blood sugar level = 15.5
*High! But I always have alot to eat in the afternoons so I find alot of the time it does get high around dinner! And I know I also said that I would be having it earlier in the evening, reviewing this statement.

7:15pm - Insulin 25 units

7:25pm - Dinnertime tablets & creon

9:30pm - Nasal wash out

9:40pm - Neb

9:50pm Pepmask 10x10
-Finish time 10:02pm

10:10pm - Nightime tablets & movicol

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