Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 4 24/03/2011


Today was a bit of a lazy day for me, not that I was slack with anything I had to do or take today. It's just that I was very behind in the morning and then in the evening was lazy with recording times. I also had a massive clean up. I went through my cupboard (that's right I have a whole cupboard dedicated just to my meds and I cleaned it all out. I then went on to boil all devices such as neb and pepmask in a pot. I do this once a week to get rid of any germs, and of course I clean them everyday this is just a thrower clean. Lastly I updated my weekly pill container.

9: 30am - Blood sugar level =6.1
9:35am - Insulin 46 units
*Going with what I gave yesterday

9:51am - Morning tablets & creon
10:35am - Saline neb

10:51am - Pepmask 10x10
Finish time 11:02am

12:40pm - Avamys spray

12:43pm - Nasal wash out

1:22pm - Blood sugar level = 9.7
*This blood sugar was taken before lunch this time, bit on the higher side as I haven't eaten since 10am
1:37pm - Lunchtime tablets & creon
3:57pm - Creon

7:05pm - Blood sugar level = 21.6
*This is way too high. Really confused about this level? All I ate was sugar free lollies!!

9:48pm - Saline neb

9:59pm - pepmask 10x10
finish time 10:30pm

10:34pm - Nasal wash out

10:40pm - Nighttime tablets & movicol


  1. Hi Amy

    I think this is working brilliantly - it is serious and funny and compelling and frightening all at once. I would propose you think of ways of including the text as it gives us another appreciation of the images and a sense of your own voice.

    There are a number of photographers and artists that have worked with issues of health as a social process, and here are some suggestions:

    - Jo Spence very famously photographed herself as she had breast cancer. She wrote a beautiful book called "Putting myself in the picture" and lots has been written about her like this article from Afterimage:

    You will also find a very interesting article about the sociology of living with illness and how photography can communicate that by Susan E Bell here:

    I also suggest if you haven't already to look at the Carol Jerrems documentary which is in the library.

    Cheers, SIlvia

  2. AMy

    You will also find Alexandra Avakians work very interesting - she talks about "The Camera as Therapy"