Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 6 26/03/2011


The next few blogs are all going to be about education. I have been through how long it takes and what time I have to take my tablets but I think it's time to educate. I want to inform you about what illnesses I have and what each of the medications do.

Today we are going to start with what illnesses I have:
-Cystic Fibrosis
-Liver transplant

I will go through each of these illnesses in more detail in coming blogs. But today I want to educate you about MONEY! And how much it costs me to live with these disability's.

Cost per year:
-Creon $67.20
-Taculims $67.20
-Insulin $65.41
-Vitamin D $14.95
-Multi Vitamin Free
-Flo 50 Sachets $320.47
-Salt tablets $320.83
-Baby Shampoo $21.13
-Magmin $167.52
-Pulmicort $67.20
-Saline $160.60
-Needles Free
-Test strips $12.88
-Movicol $315.72
-Pill $16.80
-Antibiotics $204.40
-Misalliances $150


-Privet Doctors Visits $636
-Missed days of work (estimate)
=20 per year
=$144 per day

All up meds, doctors ect cost me an estimate of around $5375.76
Which works out to be 17.5per cent of my income.
Enjoy the blog!

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