Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 9 29/03/2011


People often ask me how I deal with everything. And to be honest I don't really know. I know that I have the most amazing and supportive family who have been by my side through everything, even when I have been self destructive. And if I am being honest I am not the most, what do the doctors call it "Compliant" patient. Also having beautiful friends who I count as family, all of these people give me hope and laughed.

But in the end the biggest copping tool that I have is my humor. The ability to laugh at yourself and to laugh at the situations mean to me that there is always something to hold on to and some thing to reach out for. I trust my humor. It's my strength.

Also one more thing that helps me deal is the spider boy.
About 10 years ago my auntie went to India and there she met this boy who was begging the tourists for money. This boy had, had his arms and legs broken so that he now walked like a spider. One of the tour guides told my auntie that the people who owned the boy had broken his arms and legs like that so that he would get more money from the tourists.
So when she came back she told us all the story of the spider boy, and from that day on my mum has never let me forget it! Every time I cry or complain she says to me 'your not the spider boy!' And while after ten years it has turned into a huge joke between me and my mum, it does help to remember that I have great things in my life and I have been able to do great things and there are people who wont. The best way to get over yourself is to help others!

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