Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 17 6/04/2011


Hey guys after that long story just thought I would keep it really short (for this post).
I just wanted to say that I am not really a great fan of showing myself to the world. I hate when people see me as that sick person and I hate to focus on just that in my life alone. But it was time I be strong and share this small piece of myself with the big world. I hope that you have been enjoying it so far.

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  1. This is going great Amy! I think your narrative is fantastic - the tone, the honesty, the ups and downs. THe images are interesting too, although they are of course becoming repetitive - which might be exactly what you want. I wonder if you have other visions about your condition that is not dictated by the medicines? Could some photographs be of your non-medicated self, being a normal young person? just a thought. But, keep doing what you want, it is all working!