Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day 19 8/04/2011


Today I'm going to educate you on what medications I take and also why I take them. I pretty sure that because I'm doing a photographic blog about taking my medication, that I should tell you all about them.

This list is not in order of importance!

-Tacrolimus: This is my anti-rejection medication. It stops my body from rejecting the new liver. I will have to take this medication for the rest of my life. I take 3mg in BD (bd means twice a day) and it has to be taken 12 hours apart. I have tacrolimus levels taken every 3 months via blood test, to see if it is a therapeutic level.

-Magnesium/MagMin: I take magnesium because one of the side affects of taking Tacolimus is that it stops the absorption of magnesium into the body. I take up to 8 per day, and again I will be taking this as long as I take the Tac (so for the rest of my life)! One of the main reasons to I take magnesium is because if facilitates in the absorption of calcium, which is important to who have CF because we have a high risk of getting osteoporosis.

-Multi-Vitamins: I take special multi-vit formulated for CF people. I take these because I am missing specific digestive enzyme that helps people to digest vitamins through their food. I take 3 tablets per day, 2 In the morning and 1 at night. These multi-vit has high doses of A,D,E and K. I will take these for the rest of my life.

-Salt Tablets: Cystic fibrosis is caused by defects in a protein found in many tissues, including the airways and the sweat glands. As a result, these tissues do not work properly so I have to take salt tablets to replace the salt I lose daily. I have to take 3 bd, for the rest of my life. During the summertime when you body loses more salt through sweating, I can get cramps if I don't take my salt tablets probably.

-Saline Nebulizer: I use saline water in the nebulizer, that is turned into steam as it enters my body by the nebulizer. Saline naturally thins out mucus and opens up the airways in the lungs. I have to do this twice a day just before the use of the pepmask, so that when I use the pepmask the airways will be open to the use of the pepmask.

-Vitamin D: As I have said I have trouble absorbing of vitamin D. There is vitamin D in the mutli-vitamins but I need much more higher doses. My vitamin D levels get tested once every 6 months. With the vitamin D I have to take more in the winter time because you are less likely to be outside. So in winter I take 3 tablets per day and in summer just 1 per day.

-Insulin/ NovoMix 30/70: This is a combination insulin that includes a long and short acting insulin. This means that I have coverage at meal times with the short acting insulin working, but it also means there is insulin working in my body for the whole day with the long acting which isn't a strong. I have been on a number of different insulin's since I first got diabetes 10 years ago, it's sort of a trail and error task to work out which insulin best suits your life. I have to take insulin to control my blood sugar levels in my body, because my pancreas does not release insulin. I have to take 2 needles per day and test my blood sugar levels up to 4 times per day. (for the rest of my life!!!!)

-Creon: I take because, enzymes produced by your pancreas can't reach your gut because the flow is blocked. Without these enzymes I do not get enough nutrients, particularly fat, and then this leads to difficultly gaining weight. So by taking the creon I am replacing the enzymes made in my pancreas. This is the medication that I take the most, I have to take it almost every time I eat! The only foods that can I can get away without taking creon are fruit and veg because they don't contain fat. I take up to 15 per day which is the highest dose, taking 4 with larger meals and 2 with snacks. I will be taking this for the rest of my life. (but I have to say that creon is a big improvement from the last enzymes I used to take where I was taking 30 per day!)

-Movicol: I take movicol once a day and usually at night, to help the flow of things down town. CF's often, get blockages in their bowls and I have ended up in hospital over 4 times with this as the case. This was a drug that I used to only take when I got the symptoms but I have been taking it now once a day so as to not get any symptoms at all.

-Avamys spray: I use this spray once per day to treat the symptoms of rhinitis. This medication has been changed over the years but I have been on this spry for more the 2 years at present.

-Nasal wash out/ pulmicort, J&J baby shampoo and saline water: These special ingredients are used to reduce inflammation, flush out bugs and keep the sinus open. The baby shampoo is gross, but I grow a special kind of bug in my sinuses and normal anti-biotic wont work because this bug has a film around it that the anti-biotic can't get past! The only thing that brakes up the film is the baby shampoo! YAY for me. I nasal wash out twice a day and will be doing this until they work out something better!

That is all the medications I take a present! I hope I have shed some light on what and why I take my meds!

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