Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 24 13/04/2011


I'm sorry to the people who read this blog because it has gotten a little woe is me!!!! And I wanted to let the world know that I am HAPPY.
Good, no great things happen to me all the time! And by many standards I have a wonderful life.

I'm going to follow the lead of Oprah (cause don't we all?) and list some of my favourite things:
- Bestfriends
- Family: who are crazy and so dramatic but I love them
-Reading: I learnt to love reading in hospital
-Craft: anything craft I love, right now I am in to painting on glass. Something I gained from hospital school
-Photography: Away to express myself
-Travel: One of the things I hate most about hospital is being confined
-LOVE: I have never been in love but I can't wait to be. (One of my favourite books is a Jane Austen)

So you see it's not all bad and most of my favourite things comes from these diseases.

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