Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 25 14/04/2011


I have blood tests, every three months. Which started straight after I had the transplant for the first three months after the transplant it was every day (sometime twice a day). The blood tests, test for things like liver function which is tested through blood counts. They also test for things like vitamin levels, drug toxicity, HBA1C (blood sugar level over a usual period of three months).

I find the blood tests hard because, my veins are very hard to find and it often becomes a painful process. This is due to the fact that my veins are so scared, they become weak and smaller and tougher to pierce. Over the years I have been in hospital for IV anti-bionics over 20 times, by the time I was 10 I couldn't handle the anti-bionics through veins in my hands as it is very painful because the veins are so small. When I was 10 they started putting long lines in the fold in my arms. Long lines is a small long tube attached to the IV that feeds up inside the veins to the larger veins near the heart. These lines can stay in the arm for up to 6 months and it no longer hurts to have IV anti-bionics through them.

But after having so many long lines scar tissue grows over the veins and it takes a very well trained pathologist to take my blood (and even then sometimes they miss) and I end up having to take my blood test two or three times.

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