Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 26 15/04/2011


Having a job with my load is not easy. I have been working since the age of 16 my first couple of jobs were just causal because I was still in school. Then after school I worked for a year and a half fulltime. I have been with that work place since then, first working for them fulltime and then changing when I started CIT to causal work on the weekends. At the moment I work in a chemist right in the city.

Working can sometimes be very hard for a person living with CF, alot of the adults suffering from CF in Canberra find it hard to hold down fulltime jobs because it becomes to hard.
A) You have to have a very understanding employer, who will understand that at the drop of a hat you can be sent into hospital. B) Working can be very physical and be a huge strain on the body.

I once had to go into hospital at really short notice, around the same time I had been made assistant manger of this store. After I came out of hospital I had been demoted and had my hours cut by more than half. They said it was because I was unreliable, but later one of the other staff members told me it was because I was sick and they didn't want to rely on someone like me.

At the moment I have an OK work that understands, but the only reason that they do understand is because they have over 90 staff members and replacing me isn't that hard. But I was thinking this year that I would give up work and move back home because I get really tried and run down with CIT and working. As it so happens where I am living at the moment I can't afford it.

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