Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 27 16/04/2011


I don't let many things hold me back. In fact I would say that I have never let things hold me back, if I cannot do something I work my way around it or find something equal to it that I can do.
After school finished I wanted to go over to Africa for three months and volunteer with one of my close family friends. The doctor told me that I could not go over because the risk to my health would have been to great! In the end I went over to Europe with my sister for three months and had the time of my life.

When it comes to other things like having a night out on the town, nothing holds me back. I do drink, but I have never taken drugs or smoked in my life. That is a risk I find to high! I know that most people will judge me, because I have had a liver transplant and I have been drunk more then a few times. But it comes to that point where you have to think 'How much of my life am I going to put on hold?'
I don't want to risk my health and I know I have in the past. But I was given I second chance at life and I want to be able to make the chose I how I live.
I find that after you have a transplant there is pressure to life a health and important life and I find that very hard, because when I mess up, I feel like I am a bad person and all my chooses are not my own.

So my advice to other people out there like me is:
-Have fun and do things your own way
-Have great friends who will support you, but at the same time will rain you in when you go to far
-If you can't do something, look around there are other things that you can do that are ten times better
-Don't live you life according to what others say or think
-Remember that you can push the line, but also remember that you want to live a long life as well

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