Monday, May 16, 2011

Day 28 17/04/2011


I'm very prone to have high blood sugar levels, because I have a very strong sweet tooth and because I am always hungry. I hate the diabetes and it would be the one thing that I would take away if I could. I would happily live with the CF and liver transplant.

High blood sugar levels can lead to other things such as losing your eye sight, the function of your kidneys and in the end the your legs as well. It is a bother that if you one part of your body is broken then 20 other parts of your body will become broken as well.

The normal blood sugar level is between 4.0 - 8.0 any higher then that is a worry and any lower then that and you have a hy-po where you have to have sugar ASAP or you could end up in a coma. A hy-per is when your blood sugar is to high above 15.0. The highest my blood sugar has ever been is 34.0. When I was fist diagnosed with diabetes I was having blood sugar levels of 30.0 and above for days at a time.

You should test your blood sugar level at least 4 times per day. You do this before you take you insulin or before meal times. This is because you need to constantly monitor it so that you can adjust you insulin accordingly. Food with a higher sugar intake will increase your blood sugar, (so lollies and soft drinks are off the table) you should be eating foods with carbohydrates as to stabilize you blood sugar.

Diabetes makes it hard to eat the things you want, (I have been to so many parties where there is nothing I can eat)! It makes it harder to skip meals and not eat regularly. I also hate diabetes because it is so full of pain, blood sugar levels are tested though a finger pricks and then insulin is delivered through the use of needles into the legs, tummy or bum! SO MUCH PAIN! NO FOOD AND PAIN PAIN PAIN!

This photo has the wrong time on it, the time above is right time when I took it.

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