Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 21 10/04/2011

The photo above is a photo of my two bestfriends and my soulmates. These two people have brought more happiness, peace and love to my life then I could have ever imagined.

I met Caroline in primary school, and while we didn't really become bestfriends until year 5. She has been there most of my life. After primary school we went onto high school and from there we have never looked back. One of my favourite moments with Caroline was the day that I had to go and have a doctors visit about a lump under my nipple. It was back in the 2005 summer holiday and I was a few days away from going to the coast with Caroline's family. We spent the day together shopping and then went up to the hospital to meet my mum and the doctors. While we were waiting for the doctor me and Caroline were playing with the kids toys. There was a lion and a dinosaur and we named them Aslan and Spartacus (guess which was which)! We were laughing so hard and then we got dragged into the office and the doctor told me that I would have to have an operation on the breast. I ran out of the office crying and only came back after my mum found me. I told the doctor that I didn't want anymore scars and I wanted to go to the beach, that was that! In the end, he lay me down and stuck a needle into my breast to release the puss. PAINFUL!!!!! The meaning of the story is that Caroline was there the whole time, she didn't leave, she didn't call her mum and she put Aslan and Spartacus right next to me when I was crying in pain. That was the moment that I new that nothing could ever brake our friendship and that I always would have some there that I trust and who would support me through anything. And she has, always been there! Thank you bunny!

Kieran I met when we were in year 7 in the same PC class. And while we didn't really become bestfriends until year 10, we have since gone onto live together for a year in 2010. I have always loved and trusted Kieran he is someone that you are always drun to because of his sense of adventure and his non judgemental attitude. After living with Kieran, it made us become closer if anything because he was always there. After seeing my booger one night that was it! Every time I blow my nose Kieran would run to see what it looked like. When I had a saw tummy after having massive bowl issues last year he would rub my belly. He wanted to try and experience everything with me. He even has pet names for some of my meds! But the moment I new that he would be there forever was when he told me that he Googles my illness every so often just to keep updated on the latest treatments and cures. Thank you Coco puffs!

Also a special Thank you to my mum! She held a special 10 year anniversary party for me on this day to celebrate me having my liver for 10 years! It was a long time ago and I am so proud of myself and my family and friends! We made it together!

Also am very obsessed with Harry Potter!

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