Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never Let Me Go

I guess this semester I am trying to understand transplantation for myself and this comes through my Three Times series. What I am trying to get out of the series is a better understanding of random selection. I call it that because I truly believe that life is a totally random set of events that together to make a whole.

Transplantation is one of these moments in life when random acts come together to make something whole. To fix and to build. What makes someone sick? What makes someone die? What makes a family give? And what makes someone whole again. I thought for me the best way to show this was to photograph three man around the same age and from the same city. Each with something to give and something to gain. One doner, one waiting and one received.

Through all of this I am not wanting to offend anyone especially the donor families, because there part in this is bigger then anyone would ever imagine. What I am trying to do is discover for myself what transplantation means to me. Why I was chosen and what I am supposed to do next?

Photographer: Henry Horenstein

I found this photographer when I was look for inspiration on how to photograph the Three Times series. I was looking specifically on interesting ways of photographing the body, and I came across this American photographer Henry Horenstein.

His photographs about the human body are not the direction in which I want to head, but the quality of the prints which were all based in film, are alluring. It is almost as if each photograph is teaching us something new about the human body but at the same time is an alien form that does not belong to the human body. When I look at these photos it is like looking upon a naked form for the first time, with eyes that have been born again.

Mystery and a curious disorientation is a first reaction upon viewing the most recent manifestation of Henry Horenstein's photographic art. By all accounts, this should not be the case. His subject matter is the human body of which we all have intimate knowledge, albeit at least with our own. The strangeness of Horenstein's imagery is that he has concentrated on the extreme close-up scrutiny of the human body, turning it from the outer layers of distinct personalities and individuals into universal landscapes with flesh substituting for soil and hair acting as foliage. This visual test of our sensibilities has a basis for explanation. We are so used to our own bodies that we see, but don't really observe ourselves. Except for noting something out of the ordinary, such as the appearance of a bruise or blemish, we see through ourselves as we go about the private activities of dressing, bathing, and seeing our reflection in the mirror. We gaze on the bodies of others in admiration, envy, or eros, but rarely with the dispassionate intensity of these photographs........
—Robert Flynn Johnson
Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco

As I have said this is not the direction I really want to go with my body shots in the Three Times series. This is because I feel I want to the photos look more clinical because the intent of the work is based around the body as a medical shell that we don't own. This photographs have a feeling of beauty the beholds them. The lighting, the depth of field and the soft focus all contribute to this feeling.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First test shots for Three Times

What do you think?


This is my first blog post for this semester which is really bad!! But from here until the end of the semester I will be blogging every day.

My first blog post is this semesters proposeal:

Photographic Project Development

An Executive Summary

This semester is all about taking the next step in out photographic journey. Over the past 2 and a half years we have learnt all about commercial photography we have taken part in workshops and heard leactures from secussfull photographers. It is now time that we take on the active roll in where we want to head as photographers. Last semester I found that I really loved documentary photography and the series that I took about myself/illness has gone onto to be shown in a public gallery in Canberra. So in learning that I want to really contiune shoting documentary series but expanding this to be able to work with people and also in a studio envrioment. This semester is all self directed and I want to be able to produce outstanding work with meaning and person growth. The subjects I have chosen are close to my heart, yet have strong relivance in today’s socitiy. The document contines the process I will undertake to prodces this semesters work, including a shotlist, timeline, deliverables and costing.

Your specific response to the shot-list..

  • Shot-list: To take the photographic essay and blog completed last semester, centered on my illness and turn it into a book. The book, has to be completed by the end of the semester to be sent away to publishers. The book will include the blog entires, photographic essay shots, a forward and concusion and any addition text demded nessary. At the end of semester I will produce a prodtype book which will hopefully match the published book.
  • To produce a documentary series that will show the viewer the three sides of organ donation. The series will consist of nine shots altogether, focusing on three different people. The organ donor, the individual on the waiting list and lastly the recipient. The nine shots will be divided up into three separte areas: First the story: three head shots of each of the different people. Second the body: three shots taken of each of the bodies on a special area of focus. Third the person: A shot taken of each person semi-naked to show the the person as a whole. This series will taken using the hassleblad medium format cameras in the studio.
  • To produce a documentary/ portrait series called The Women In My Life. The series will consist of 8-10 protrait shots based around strong women in my life. Each of the portraits will be shot differently, in the studio and on location. Each shot will demonstart the individuals personality and stregths and will incopuses a sense of femitity and power. The series is based around the women who inspire me.

No More Tears: As stated above in the shot list I will be compliling a book this semester based around last semesters work. This book will be based on the blog entries and photographs I took last semester about my illness. I was encouraged to undertake this path, after one of my teachers approached me with the idea, and once the seed was planted the idea grow with the eventrual plan of trying to get the book published.

For the book to be able to be published there is a lot of work that I have to do first. As stated the book will come out of blog entries, and the first thing in the whole plan will to be to re-write the entries after massive editing from an outside source while still staying true to the words I wrote. Then the next step will be to be get a graphic designer on bored and help me with the lay out of the book. I am not sure if I will be able to include all the 300 shots that were taken throughout the photographic essay, these are oblistacls that I will have to work out, and if I am being honest I not sure if the words really fit with the essay so maybe breaking them up abit will work better for the book. I want the book to be professionally presentable so that publishers know that I am serious about publishing it as a book.

The last step I will take will be the massive overlook of the book and lastly writing the forward and concusion. This is something I really didn’t do well with the blog and I want to really be able to explaine why I did this project and what it has ment for me.

I want to complete this book because this project has ment a lot to me, and to others as well. It’s really honest work and I think there will be a market for it because not many people are this honest about illness it is something we hide from or pretent that it’s ok. It’s not that I want the work to be dark or sad I want the work to reach out and show my face and the face that so many hide.

Three times: Continuing with medical theme to my docuemtary work, I wanted this semester to focus my work on organ donation. I have had a liver transplant and I have lost friends waiting on the list for a transplant. I wanted to show the three side of organ donation to me. There is the donor side, there is the waiting side and then there is the after side. But within those sides there are three layers, the personitlty, the body and the whole person. I want each of these photos to be printed large, I want the work to be very impacting but I also do not want to offend. This is work for me, this is how I viewed my journey in a very simplistic way. The subjects in my photos will range in age and genda, I will photograph them with the same lighting and backdrops, with the images focusing more on the person then the enviroment. For this series I want to use CIT’s Hasslebald camera’s because I want higher resultion and a full frame for the images because I want to be able to print them extreamly large.

With this series I hope to be able to show, the greater conection we all have to each other.

The Women In My Life: The idea for this series came after I saw the series by Kerstin Styche called Walan Budhang Yinaagirrbang. I first saw these photos at CIT last year and was really moved by it. I think because it showed these women in such a way, they had power and strength and were united. Since I saw that exhibition I have not been able to get those womans faces out of my head. I was inspired to something the same, to show the women in my life who gave me strength, I want to photograph them and I want to inspire others with this work.

Images that come to my head when I think of women are: -The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci -Queen Elizabeth I by Marcus Gheeraerts the Younger -Girl with a Pearl Earring by Jan Vermeer -Young Girl In Green by Tamara de Lempicka -Anne Frank - Jane Austin { her charcters such as Elisabeth Bennett -Little Women -Elizabeth Taylor -Ayla in The clan of the cave bear by Jean M. Auel -Herimine in Harry Potter -Fran from Strictly Ballroom -Bell for beauty and the beast -Frida kahlo -Barbara strisatd in Yenta -Bett Midler -Natasha Bedingfield -Ita Butrose -Mother Teasea -Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange -Nancy Wake

The list could go on, but what these women all say to me is that there is something out there to fight for and that there is some secrect collective knoledge that women all dure on and gain from. I want to inspire the girl who has forgotten she more then what she believes I want to show the women in my life what they have ment to me.

Each photograph will be different, because each of the women are different. They will all be portraits shot in both landscape and portrait style, each being in colour and printed on the same paper. Some of the photographs will contain more then one person, only because these people will have some collective meaning to me. The series will mostly be shot in the studio because I feel the lighting will work better for me in there. I have stated that there will be 8-10 shots depending on who will want to partipacte. I intend to use my own camera for this work and will shot them as RAW file because I may want to photoshop them later.

Schedule or Timeline


Week 1 26.07.2011 - Introduction and registration, showcase briefing

Week 2 02.08.2011 - Come up with ideas for this semester, - reseach ideas for semesters work

07.08.2011 - Write Major project proposal

Week 3

09.08.2011 - Major project proposal due

- Progress report to group

10.08.2011 - Contact Transplant Australia (Canberra head) and ask for voluteers for project

11.08.2011 - Research and contact graphic designers to work on book project

12.08.2011 - Start editing and re-writing blog

- Start contacting people for The Women In My Life series and start locking in times

Week 4

16.08.2011 - Julian available 1:1

18.08.2011 - Working with graphic designer on book

19.08.2011 - Studio Access 9am-12pm

Week 5

23.08.2011 - Progress report to group

24.08.2011 - Night studio access

25.08.2011 - Working with graphic designer on book

- Gallery Opening for No More Tears series

26.08.2011 – Studio Access 9am -12pm

Week 6

29.08.2011 - Julian available 1:1

30.08.2011 - Day/Night studio Access

31.08.2011 - Working with graphic designer on book & web page design

01.08.2011 - Studio Access 9am -12pm

Week 7

06.09.2011 - Progress report to group

08.09.2011 - Working with graphic designer on book & web page design

09.08.2011 - Studio access 9am -12pm

11.08.2011 - Editing work

Week 8

13.09.2011 - Julian available 1:1

14.09.2011/16.09.2011 - Studio work on both documentary series

Week 9

20.09.2011 - Progress report to group (including guest reviewer)

Holidays – Planning and re-sechuling of work

Week 10

11.10.2011 - Progress report

11.10.2011/16.10.2011 - Studio work on both documentary series

Week 11

18.10.2011 - Julian available 1:1

19.10.2011/24.10.2011 - Studio work on both documentary series

Week 12

25.10.2011 - Progress report to group (including guest reviewer), showcase briefing

26.10.2011 - Location work

27.10.2011 - Finialising work on web page and book with graphic designers

30.10.2011 - Send away for printing of the book

Week 13

01.11.2011 - Completion of project and showcase update

02.11.2011 - Final editing of work

- Editing files

03.11.2011 - Final editing of work

- Sorting files

04.11.2011 - Final editing of work

05.11.2011 - Printing of completed work

Week 14

08.11.2011 - Completion of project and showcase update

10.11.2011 - Completion of web page

11.11.2011 - Sending completed book away to publishers

12.11.2011 - Printing of completed work

Week 15

15.11.2011 - Pre-assessment and showcase update

Week 16

22.11.2011 - Showcase week and assessment, digital submissions, self assessment.


FINAL SUBMISSION: In total I want to produce 17-19 prints depending on how many photographs I take in The Women in my life series. I also want to produce a high quiltiy book, as a demo of what I hope the book becomes once it’s published.

No More Tears: The book I produce will not be the work that I send away to the publishers, but will be of high quality so that even if I never get it published there is a record of my work. The produced book will be the colabrated work between the graphic designer and myself. Desplaying both photos and blog entires from last semesters work. The book will be all in black and white, and be deplayed om a table at the end of years showcase, allowing people to see my range as a photographer and see how I have grown.

Three Times: Each print will be either in black and white or colour I have yet to deiced which will be better for the series. I hope to gain influece with my colour choice by my classmates I will present both choices to the class and from there talk through the strengths and weakness of both. I feel this is the best way to detemaind what the final prints will be. What I do know that I what out of the print is, the scale. I want them to be large and sharp bigger then A3 long rectangles that are as open as windows. I want every detail to be in focus, I want the images to stand out and defy.

The Women In My Life: I will be printing either 8-10 prints with this series. I want the prints to be the thing that binds the photos into a series. Each photo will be shot differently and have different subject, I feel the prints need to be of the same design so that it connects the series.

Each of the prints will be of A3 size, they will either be landscape or portrait again depending on how they were shot. They will all be shot and printed in colour with framing to be determind on if the space at the showcase will allow it.


This is a detailing of the major costs that will occur during the semester, including other small variables.


-Graphic Designers: $200+

*After contacting the graphic designers I will have a more comphevisve price for turning the blog into a book.

-Travel: Per month $75

*As I don’t own a car most of the travel expenices will come from bus fares and cab rides.

**This does not include if I travel interstate. If that is the case I have allowed a $400 leeway.

-Equipment: Semester $100

*This cost is quite low because I own most of my own equipment and the other major stock I will be able to borrow from CIT.

- Clients: Semester $200

*I have inculed this buget this semester because I will be working more incluesuly with people. I will not be paying any of my subjects, but should I take them out for lunch or print them a copy of the work to say thank you I wanted it include in the costing.

- Insurance: Per Month $35

*I have already placed insurance on both my camera equipment and my computer.

**CIT has insurance for the studio and anyone on the grounds.

-Printing: End of semester $1000

*I have allowed for a higher printing buget this semester because this is my final work for my bachlor of photography. I want the prints to be of the higest quiailty, consulting professional printers on the major works I am to display.


-Travel expenses: Per Month $150

* Includes food, which means breakfast, lunch and dinner while working on the project. This may also include lunch out with clients and such.

**Also including anything extra that I deem inclusive to the project.

-Repairs: Semester $250

*I have included this as a minor cost because I don’t count on the camera breaking down. So hopefully it will not be drawn on.

-Other: Per Semester $150

*This is for costs that come up through out the semester that I did not account for. This numbers my go up or down depending on the circumstances.