Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never Let Me Go

I guess this semester I am trying to understand transplantation for myself and this comes through my Three Times series. What I am trying to get out of the series is a better understanding of random selection. I call it that because I truly believe that life is a totally random set of events that together to make a whole.

Transplantation is one of these moments in life when random acts come together to make something whole. To fix and to build. What makes someone sick? What makes someone die? What makes a family give? And what makes someone whole again. I thought for me the best way to show this was to photograph three man around the same age and from the same city. Each with something to give and something to gain. One doner, one waiting and one received.

Through all of this I am not wanting to offend anyone especially the donor families, because there part in this is bigger then anyone would ever imagine. What I am trying to do is discover for myself what transplantation means to me. Why I was chosen and what I am supposed to do next?

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