Sunday, September 18, 2011


This semester I decide to do three main pieces of work for my main folio that I would present at the end of year exhibition. These three folios were based around areas of interest for me as a emerging photographer.

The first piece of work was to be a continuation of last semesters work where I am going to use the images and the blog posts around last semester documentary work of my illness and turn it into a book. I would create a mock up book, for the end of semester and then send it away to publishers in the hope that it would get published as my story.

The second piece of work was a folio called The women in my life. This folio was design to be based around the women that I find inspiring in my life. I was going to photograph them based on important images of women throughout history I thought related to their character. I have deiced not to continue on with this folio for two main reasons. Firstly because I felt that, while portraiture is a wonderful area of photography it is not really where I want to be heading. If this is the work I will be showing to prospective client/employers I want to be able to show where my heart truly lies. I feel this folio was more an idea of fun then a labor of love. Secondly I want to be able to focus on the other folio, I feel the idea and focus of the other major folio is what I really want to focus on. I want to be able to present a beautiful folio rather then two sub-par folios.

The third folio has developed into an even greater idea then I ever thought possible! When I was coming up with the concept of this folio I was thinking to complex because I thought that I had to say everything I ever wanted through these photographs. But I have found that the simpler the concept the bigger the impact. The folio first started out being a series of photographs around organ donation from the prospective of the organ recipient. But while I was composing these photos the concept changed and grew in a different direction which I really want to follow! What the concept stands at now is I want to photograph organ recipients and people on the Australian organ doner registry. The photographs will be in pairs, so that I am taking almost the same shot of two different people, I will match these people up in age (up to five years defence) and gender. So that it is almost the same person just with totally different paths. I want this series to connect people, for people to understand the concept of fortune, and give a greater sense of the meaning of community and humanity.

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