Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inpirations: Rineke Dijkstra

I believe I love Rineke Dijkstra as a photographer because of her choice of subjects. Her photographs are not amazing lit and don't show ground breaking photoshop techniques, instead they show to me almost a diary entry into someones life.
People ask the question if you can really capture a person soul through photography, and I believe that the Rineke does a hell of a job doing just that. Does a photograph really have to have all the bells and whistles, do the lighting or the props really demonstrate who we are as a person? I believe because her photographs are so simple, that they are a better representation of the person. Once you add other elements to the photograph people then begin to change, they play up to the camera instead of being who they really are.

With my series on organ donation I want to emulate what Rineke does in her photographs shot people as they really are and let them tell you their story. One of Rineke's series called Israel was based around photographing teens before they were sent away for national service, then photographing them under the same conditions 20 months later. The same person just on a very different path. I believe that my series on organ donation, has very similar elements about it. The pairing up of images, the minimal lighting techniques, minimal background, basic human representation, working in a series but most of all the way we want to share a story. She asks the question where will the youths be? I ask the question if one person will become part of the other.

Other notable series of Rineke's that I love are were her series on mother's after the birth of their children, and her beach portraits the compositional style is very similar with both of these series, but the concept and context are very different. I think between the two I connect more with the series on the mother's because it shows the strength of women, and the basics of human life. And because this series gives me hope and ideas of where I want to head as a documentary photographer.

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